And it goes on

Monday has started as I am sure it will go on with Jermaine being impossible. Each time we have had to change his nappy he has been really violent and difficult. We eventually managed but it takes a toll each time. The nappies are getting played around with too so they are not catching everything and again we have a wet sofa. That will have to be dumped when Jermaine eventually moves out.

We are hoping the carers turn up on time today and don’t take too long to work out what they are doing; we really could do with a break.

You may not know how much Jermaine has changed in the past few years so below are some pictures of him. One is taken today and the other nearly 6 years ago when he was 12 going on 13.

To us, we don’t have Jermaine anymore, what we have is this violent, unpleasant body to work with daily, he gains nothing and neither do we from the experience.

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