Saturday Fun

I had to get up reasonably early to sort Jermaine out but boy did I ache after yesterday!

Fortunately Jermaine was not uncooperative but he had made rather a mess of his bedroom to which I thought to myself, to hell with it, let the carers sort that out! Oh and yes, they are still annoying me like crazy. I just wish I could think of an easy resolution.

Since they started the sofa has gone from barely salvageable to, boy, I don’t want to sit in that piss ridden thing anymore! It has crossed my mind that if the thing is ruined that we just as well put the smaller of the two in Jermaine’s room and a TV and make them sit up there all day. They do have everything they need on site; I could make a self contained flat of the room by removing excess furniture out of there. All I really need is the money guaranteed to write off that suite from social services and I cannot see that happening any time soon.

Had an amazingly brilliant time with John and Steve earlier, I mean, way better than I could have hoped for and am looking forward to meeting up with them again when I can. For the record, for anyone that doesn’t know, they are not a couple!

Tomorrow I have the day off so a lay in bed hopefully, let’s see what happens there!

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