Boy this makes me so mad!

Last Wednesday I woke to find one of the windows had been smashed in my car, I was not the only one, several cars had the same thing, nothing even attempted to be stolen.

I called the insurers and they put me onto Autoglass who eventually turned up at 3pm that day.

I was there when the guy tried to take the door off. After a few moments (less than a minute) he decided a quick tug should do the trick and it came off quite a bit as did one of the switched which totally shattered. He then tried to remove the other two switches with a screwdriver and broke both of them. He followed this by half an hour or so of trying to bodge them back together again before eventually giving up and telling me he’d get it sorted the following day. I asked him to keep me informed as I had things to do that I could not start doing if he was due.

The next day, all day, nothing. On Friday I called head office, explained what had happened and by this time I had also discovered that my reversing lights, parking sensors and heated rear window also didn’t work. I told her all this. Called the local office in the afternoon and they said the ‘switch’ would not be in until today (Saturday) (probably)

She called me this morning, the switch was there but I would have to go there for 45 minutes whilst they repaired it. I was there over 2 hours. It was the wrong switch, the two other broken switches were not even ordered, they have no idea how to repair the other items and to top it they have put a dent in my door!

Yes, I have written a letter of complaint to head office and their manager will get a full report on Monday, I saw to it that one was attached to the file when I was there!

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