Bloody Autoglass again!

What a bunch of complete cowboys and wankers they are!
They picked the car up earlier on to take back to their place and get checked out, sort the electrics etc. The guy picking it up started asking me what needed doing so I told him to speak to his boss, no point me wasting any more time talking about it.
Sean, the Autoglass boss called back …
“Mr Williams, we have put right the electrical fault, it was a fuse, these things happen. We have replaced the switch for the window, it was all Chrysler’s fault, they sent the wrong switch oh, and the dent, I have taken it along to the bodyshop down the road and they say it is going to need to be levelled out, at least two doors will need spraying and one wing, it’s a big job. There is definitely some green paint there, this is nothing to do with us at all, it’s clearly been hit by a door.” he said
I responded “Sean, I am not going to argue with you, I am very anal about these things, I hate parking my car anywhere near another car, in fact, I would choose to park it as far away from other cars as possible rather than risk someone parking next to me and should someone have done so, I will check my car in a paranoid fashion when I return. I also know that I cleaned that car on Tuesday and went all over it very close, there was no damage anywhere on it, it was perfect, that damage had to have happened in your care (or lack thereof). What do you mean, replaced ‘the’ switch, there were three broken switches, not one.?”
“Well, Chrysler sent the wrong switch you see, they sent the passenger side switch and our man spent a long while fitting that but it isn’t the right one, it’s easy to mix them up as they both look the same”
“So, that one is grey and the other black doesn’t kind of give it away then?” I said
“Are they?” Said Sean
“Yes, they are, I was watching your man breaking them last Wednesday and your other guy on Saturday, they are colour coded so as not to make mistakes. That also doesn’t explain why you have not done the other switch” I said
Him “Which other switch?”
“The mirror adjuster, it is down there on your list of things you need to do to get this working, your man last Wednesday broke three switches in all and all you managed to do was replace one of them and you wired that up wrong too so that now the right button operated the left window”
“I am going to go and check this, I don’t know what needs doing, I will call you back after I have looked at the car” said Sean
That was about 45 minutes ago, obviously it takes some time to get from his office to the car and call me back.
I called my insurers, after all, it was them that sent me to Autoglass in the first place, they should take some of the responsibility for this. They tell me that I have to make a claim, that if Autoglass don’t admit they may have caused the dent that I will have to pay another £100 to get it repaired under my own policy! This is complete and utter bollocks!
Further updates later no doubt … so much for me being in a really good mood earlier, that’s gone right out of the window! I should have driven up north and given Stan that blow job I offered him to ease his boredom! OK, maybe I am still in a bit of a nutty mood.

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