They didn’t succeed!

I started this day upbeat and feeling totally nutty and that is how it will end too because I have just got back from a lovely evening at the Boston Clipper with friends and feel great … to be honest, such is my totally weird (but I am not complaining) mood that I could have sat there all evening talking to myself and would have enjoyed myself!
To do a quick update on the Autoglass saga … my insurers are not amused about what Autoglass have done and neither, it seems, are Autoglass head office. It appears they broke most rules that existed, one major one was not checking the car before they started to do any work to it and not getting me to sign anything until 4 days after they started to do any work … therefore, they technically didn’t have permission to touch it and probably cannot argue that the dent was there prior to their messing about with it, they didn’t check, they have no proof. In fact, I didn’t sign the document until after they messed it up on Saturday so they didn’t even check the bodywork then prior to work. I really feel they are going to have a tough time winning this one unless they fiddle the paperwork and that would be just plain stupid!
But, as the title says, they didn’t get to me, I really don’t feel any worse now than I did when I woke up this morning, apart from a brief glitch earlier, today has been a really good one!

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