Today’s Events

Where to start
Robin was attacked this evening as was his neighbour. I am not going to say who, name names as I don’t think this is the appropriate place but the person who did it is know to me. Not only was he attacked but he was within moments of being murdered with a very large knife. I just hope to hell he presses charges.
Obviously I am very concerned for Robin, he has not been feeling well recently and he didn’t need this on top. I know he has thoughts of personal loyalty to the guy that did this but I just hope he sees sense and let’s the police do their job not only for his own safety but also for the benefit of anyone else that gets in the way of this man next time.
Sadly, because of the crisis at Robins I had to cut down a visit to Pete that I had been letting slip for some time, just lack of thought on my part. I shall make it up to Pete at some time.
Robin’s incident reminded me of the time last year when we were held at knifepoint by a drug addict in Gran Canaria. That was scary stuff and I can well understand the feeling of not knowing what to do and it can be very upsetting. 

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