Beggars Belief

It is a lovely sunny morning here at the lodge, crisp frost settled on the ground and the winter birds are happily chirping in the trees. I looked at the pleasant view of my garden and something was not right, there were splashes of colour where it should not have been. On closer inspection it turns out to be a wash load ‘drying’ outside over the garden furniture. It was rock solid of course, made quite a nice modern art exhibit all of its own but of no use at all as clothing so it all had to be washed again.
We can tell that the carers are back, they have this attitude that everything that has been used has to be washed and, yet again, we cannot see the living room for laundry. They seem to get through more in one day than I would have thought possible in a week. They are there with Jermaine all day so why on earth am I getting bedding being washed that was clean just before they arrived? Seems like further words will need to be spoken this evening.
Now, last night. Poor Robin is really going through it. It’s the shock of what happened Friday of course and, on top of that, he is feeling guilty for involving his friends as is his nature. This is really daft because we know that if at all possible he would do the same for any one of us, that’s who he is. What happened Friday should never have happened at all and it’s tragic to see Robin how he is right now but hopefully the next few days will see him OK. How he is going to keep up with his projects I don’t know but, on the other hand, sitting at home worrying isn’t going to make him any better either. I shall try to make sure I am free to go along with him this evening though it is rather important that I catch up on some sleep after I get back from Kettering else I’ll be dosing off when I am there and that is no good to him at all!
On the whole a quiet weekend. I did have a young guy (17) ask me for a shag but, well, really, me shagging 17 year olds just feels weird and I know I’ll probably kick myself but I think I’ll not do so. I have put James on to him as I think he will really fancy the guy, hopefully that is the case. 

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