The ‘services’ of Northampton

Tuesday I went to see a care home for Jermaine in Kettering chosen by social services. The owner didn’t turn up so had to be called and the social worker was late which left me wondering whether I was in the right place or not!

I didn’t like the place, considered it totally unsuitable for Jermaine and told them so. Even if it had been any good there was the issue of insulin to deal with.

From there I went to Wren Spinney school to meet Vanessa from the Bedford home so she could meet Jermaine. We discussed several things and I said my main concern was, even if they could get a doctor to sign competency to a member of staff, how long would that last? Would that doctor readily sign off a new staff member, how robust was that system, she didn’t know. I got a call from her today to say that she had not been able to make it work which left us with the Chalfont Centre as our only option.

Last night I visited Robin and had a lovely chicken casserole. Not long after arriving I got a call that Sinead was throwing threats around at home and had to leave. I first told the kids to call the police.

It took around 25 minutes to get home and Sinead had left by then. The police never turned up, they just called after 15 minutes, found out Sinead had left and decided they didn’t need to call. I wrote and complained and this evening they called round. They are going to go have a word with her and see what she says, I have heard that somewhere before.

Had some guys round earlier to give a quote on fitting a digital compatible aerial and they don’t think we can get a good signal here and, if they can get it working it is going to cost around £3-400 which, considering we are only talking about TV here, is a lot of money.

Ally from Northants 96 called round earlier so I shall be on air again tomorrow moaning about social services, best to keep up the pressure and hopefully something is done and I don’t have to go national.

Visited the doc about my news, well, the emergency nurse to be more specific and she tells me I have to see the GP as there is nothing she can do. She said I should also have received an injection for my shoulder which, I am told by her as a fellow sufferer, is a pain that will live with me for the rest of my natural and no pain killers touch it, I will have to get used to lack of sleep and agony especially in the mornings.

On that happy note, I sign off thinking what a fun time I am going to have tomorrow at the meeting with social services.

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