Time to go Shopping!

Decided to skip breakfast working on the theory that the earlier we left, the earlier we arrived in Calais and the more time we had to do what we wanted to do.

I nipped downstairs into the cold to collect a luggage rack and tried to get it in the lift. Each time a lift arrived a new batch of people barged past me and filled the lift up knowing full well I was waiting and had been there before they arrived. Three times this happened. Another mob took so long to get out of the lift the doors closed before I could get in. On my fifth lift I just headed full speed for it, hit a few people along the way, made my apologies in several languages and headed upstairs!

Eventually got the car loaded up and headed back north at a nominal speed of about 95mph so it didn’t take that long to get there, arrived something close to midday.

Did oodles of shopping and had lunch at the normal eatery in the food court. Felt a little sad as I could picture Tony sitting there too and I still miss him terribly.

We got the 15:35 shuttle back to the UK.

Shortly after arriving at the hotel in Ashford we went to see Chronicles of Narnia. I have to say I was not impressed. It was watchable but not a classic and there is no way I should have built myself up to a rerun of Lord of the Rings. It had some of the special effects but the acting in parts was awful.

Went to check into the hotel and found out I’d cocked up the booking and we were not due at that hotel at all but one 20 miles away (or so). Got there and checked in then had a light supper before bed.

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