Back Home Again

Got up and had breakfast then called my dad. It turned out they had cocked their dates up and were not expecting us so instead of a lovely Sunday Roast we got sandwiches. We didn’t stay long, my dad was in full moan mode about how I had really, despite all the work I put in with Jermaine, had been scrounging off the state for years and setting a poor example to the kids. He dug into Matt too, some of which I agreed with, that he, and the girls for that matter, should make more effort around the house. I have to be honest, I was glad to be leaving.

Because of the accident in Hemel I had to make a detour home up the M40 instead of the M1 which added quite a bit to the journey and a horrible journey it was too, lots of fog and stupid drivers.

I am really knackered and really in need of some adult company.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the kids but they just frustrate me so much, I don’t have anyone on the same level as me to talk to over such prolonged periods with the kids.

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