Jermaine – Has he gone?

Jermaine has been in respite now since December 5th and he comes home tomorrow. The thing is, he can go in again December 27th – January 28th and that may well take us up until not long before he goes full time residential.

I have to admit, we have got used to not having him around, it sort of happened without us noticing. It also shows that when he goes full time, we won’t be visiting very often and that makes me a little sad. It’s probably also a reflection of the dwindling emotional attachment we have toward him. Sure, to the boy he used to be we are very close but who we have now we hardly know and never will do, it is just weird to think of Jermaine as ever having been here. I guess I am allowed to say that.

Still, enough about that …

I got the draft complaint back from the guy that will be dealing with it for us against social services and it doesn’t even start to address the issues. I am going to have to go over it and the original complaint letter we sent him to make sure he includes it all as we want it and not his filtered down version.

Robin has his car back now which I am greatly relieved about. It became obvious that the DWP were going to drag their heels on the matter so I paid for it on my plastic. All I now have to sort out is how on earth Robin is ever going to repay it! I am in no great hurry as the card company won’t ask me to pay it until late January but after that my bank account at the Abbey will be overdrawn and I will need to start paying them interest. It isn’t much and manageable but even so, it’ll be there. Not to worry, it’ll work out and I have no qualms about lending Robin the money.

I updated my Disneyland Paris site today though not sure I needed to bother and my heart wasn’t in it. in case you are interested.

It appears on Kagoul that I have been voted by many people as ‘The Most Informative Member’. It’s a nice compliment to pay but, well, sexiest, most fun, craziest would all have felt better. Most Informative makes me sound so boring!

One person said that I am amazing and cope with more than anyone else there could and, maybe he is right but I don’t see it that way. I cope with what I do because I have had to, it didn’t just happen over night, it has taken years to get to where I am now. It is all relative anyway. I am quite certain that when someone says that they feel totally crap because their boyfriend of two weeks didn’t call, they feel just as bad as I do when I have to go to high level meetings about the future of my son and we are all amazing in our own way with what we can cope with.

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