So, that was Christmas

Yep, Christmas 2005 is over, that’ll be 42 Christmas’s I have had so far. Next week we have a week of nothingness, that period when nothing really happens because most of the country is either off work or doing sod all because their manager is off in the Bahamas. All I really have to do this week coming is to get Jermaine back into respite. I may also decide to remember which day my car is due for it’s MOT which is ‘Thursday’ and not ‘Tuesday’ as I keep thinking it is.

We didn’t do Christmas presents because Jermaine really cannot handle Christmas and he proved as much over dinner when he came down with Temi and Johnson to join us. He did eventually calm down and fortunately, he was not aiming at us lot so it was more observational than intrusive.

I rose the Johnson’s challenge of providing enough food, he was quite stuffed by the end of the meal and Temi was not shy in coming forward with the food portions. I am quite glad that Jermaine proved my point about him and Christmas them as I think they had their doubts and probably assumed I was just being mean.

Me and the kids watched The Brothers Grimm after dinner, that would be after Robin left. I had no idea what to expect of the movie and found it really quite entertaining if a little weird.

Robin called later to say he had enjoyed watching his DVD that we got him from the Moulin Rouge in Paris. I am glad we managed to share a little Christmas spirit with him. I know he doesn’t like the festive season but at least I think he had a happy day.

I had said I would call Martyn but, well, I could not quite work out what time his shift at work started so when he was likely to get out of bed. I sent a text and he called me back. It was lovely to speak to another adult today. I don’t mean Robin isn’t an adult of course, just lovely to talk to ‘yet’ another adult. The parrot would drive me mad in a fun sort of way, I couldn’t help giggling with it in the background during the call. I do hope Martyn is able to just fall into another job some time in 2006, one that he will enjoy with better hours and more money!

I keep thinking I forgot to call or write to someone but there is sod all I can do about it now. should someone be reading this and thinking I am a miserable bugger for not thinking about them, I am ever so sorry. I was actually trying very hard to make this a special day for the kids and that was quite hard work.

Tummy still not right, I am now using the toilet a little too much and it takes some clearing up afterwards. Not quite sure this is the appropriate place to go into more details about ‘down there’.

Not sure just how much sleep I shall get tonight but I don’t have anything to rush out of bed for tomorrow so I guess I can just catch up tomorrow is possible.

The last movie of the day was ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. The kids had not seen it so I thought Christmas day would be an appropriate time. It was and they all loved it, black and white or not! I, of course, was blubbering by the end and at several parts during but I just accept that is going to happen now, it is just an amazingly emptional film. True, it is dated but that is part of it’s charm.

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