Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We have some heavy snow here and … some sunshine. Do we get some sort of weird rainbow?

The temperature is currently just above freezing so it is settling but I suspect it will be all but gone by tomorrow if it lasts that long. My only real concern is that the roads are clear enough later to get Jermaine back into respite as I don’t have time tomorrow to do it really. I hope too that the roads are clear tomorrow as Robin and I are meant to be headed off north to be socialable.

I am still not really sleeping. I suspect it is the joints causing me grief but when I am aware I am awake at night I also get the feeling that I have been laying there like that for some time, more resting than sleeping and it is not doing me any good. I am having trouble concentrating, simple things like adding up I am having trouble with and it’s a little scary. After the holidays I shall go see the doctor again and see if I can’t get something to make sure I sleep and see if that makes a difference. I have had to stop the pain killers as I suspect that are affecting my stomach. I keep getting tummy pain and the only contstant on my intake is the pain killers so it has to be them. I will only know by not taking them for a few days.

What I am wondering is if the doctors are open today? If not I am in trouble as I places a repeat prescription in there for Jermaine last week and he does need to have that taken with him to respite. As long as they have it they can get the medication so it doesn’t really matter whether or not there is a pharmacy open.

Now, should I walk there, this is the question? I am a little nervous, no pain killers means that excersise will hurt more but then, the car sliding off into a bus will hurt even more so I guess I answered my own question!

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