Why so negative?

Yes, good question, why didn’t I think of that? Oh, I did, silly me.

The trouble with this blog is that I tend to only write stuff that is bothering me or that had some sort of emotional impact on me so what ends up here can make it seem like I am a miserable old git hopelessly seeking thing I can’t get and chronically depressed.

As it happens, that isn’t the case and partly because of this blog.

As I wrote yesterday, if I write something down it does something to my thought processes and either I stop worrying about it or I just somehow feel better able to deal with it, it wouldn’t work if I didn’t know someone was reading though, that would be pointless and I just as well write notepad files!

On the whole I am quite happy with my life. I have a lot of good memories and a lot to look forward to. I am quite sensible, I know shit happens so there is no point dwelling on that too much, deal with it and get on with the good stuff.

Compared to some I am very lucky. I have loads of friends, some care a lot for me, some love me and I feel the same about them. I have the kids and, unless things go horribly wrong, I always shall have. My cats are lovely, couldn’t ask for better fur balls than them. This is a lovely house, it needs decorating but it’s lovely. My car is quite cool. Not as flashy as the last one, lacking in gadgets but it was as good as I could afford. I have had some amazing holidays and I plan to have more amazing holidays with amazing people.

On the whole dear you, I am fine, smiling as I write this and hoping you are too.

News of the day … car cleared the MOT no problem but I put some new tyres on anyway as the old ones were near illegal and slipping, worth the £290 I thought.

I am annoyed about Robin’s insurance company. They say they can’t get an assessor to him before Tuesday and he can’t have a loan car until then. That’s just total crap, he should get the loan car from the day he reported his car as off the road the fiddling sods.

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