Gone but not Forgotten

Oh, it’s OK, no one has died!

No, I am finally doing a rebuild on my main PC which means I have to use the laptop which I don’t like doing for long though I have no idea, it is quite a nice keyboard!

Martyn having his graphics card trouble finally encouraged me to get a new graphics card for my PC but not, it seems, to see what interface I had so now I have the wrong graphics card and PC World do not like giving refunds when there is nothing wrong with a product but only if there is a defect and it was entirely my own fault after all, it does say ‘PCI Express’ in huge great letters on the box and had I had any idea that such a slot existed I would have known not to get one as I don’t have a compatible motherboard.

So, off to PC World tomorrow, wish me luck!

My PC is all ready for the rebuild subject to the new graphics card, hard drives swapped etc so it should take no more than 3-4 hours to complete.

I bought something for someone earlier šŸ™‚

I nearly have my full voice back, it just sounds a little ‘teenager’ at the moment which is a little weird!

Feeling OK in myself though, a little drained but I lost a lot of sleep, it’s to be expected.

Looking forward to getting a hug off the man I love, he is the Mac to my Mabel so I don’t expect roses but even so …

Back in a day or three


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