A Red Letter Day

What with it being Valentines day it is a red letter day for millions up and down the UK and across the world but not for me as usual. But then, had something arrived it would have been anonymous, you know, there is someone out there who is my ideal man, the love of my life if he’d only call and tell me!

The time is now 11:33 in the morning and I can smell a lovely lamb joint cooking for our dinner later, yummy. This will be the third roast dinner in a row but I can live with that.

Martyn sounds a little more optimistic about the panto reading very deeply between the lines, possibly, maybe? I’ll find out on Saturday. At least that will be the last night so everyone should hopefully be quite relaxed and not trying to kill each other with visual daggers. I am still undecided as to what I shall do at the weekend. Obviously I have the panto but it is a long way to go just for a few short hours, I really feel like I need to arrange something else too but just can’t make my mind up what. It will probably be raining as well which will limit my options still further.

Robin is going through a rough patch, I blame the weather myself, and it’s enough to drive anyone into the doldrums. I think it is also that there are very few regular and long term projects going on at the moment and the nice things to look forward to are so far off. Depression is a horrible thing and I am glad I don’t get it very often now but having been there, I do know what it is like and wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

This morning I didn’t get up until half past ten, I was quite impressed by that as I hardly ever sleep in that late.

Watched a movie last night ‘me and you everyone we know’ and it was really good

As an ‘art’ movie I was expecting it to be a little dull and farty with no real story but a deeply hidden meaning but it wasn’t like that at all. There was a real story behind it and lots of well thought out additions and sub texts which lead to a general feeling that a great deal of thought went into this movie. The acting was generally excellent and the way certain situations, some adult/child scenarios were switched around to make them acceptable made a very clear point about the way society views such things. Well done.

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