Chavs strike again

Yeah, on Tuesday evening Matt was once again set upon by a group of chavs and again whilst friends stood by and did nothing. As usual, an unprovoked attack, just chavs getting their jollies.

Well, he brought some of these friends home last night so I didn’t get much chance to talk to him about it but by this morning (Weds) he was complaining of a lot of pain around the left side of his jaw. Eventually we agreed it was worth a few hours in casualty just to get peace of mind. Over three hours later we find out the X-Ray shows up something they don’t like the look of, they think it is either a fracture or a break but they can’t be certain. So, tomorrow morning we have to be at yet another drop in clinic for what we are promised will be several more hours to find out exactly what it is.

Hopefully, some time tomorrow afternoon we can get the police informed and get a crime number and then, just maybe, Matt can send off for some criminal injuries compensation, at least he’ll get one over on the chavs in his pocket if nowhere else … assuming they actually pay anything of course.

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