A prick in my bum

I was lying on my side earlier and this really attractive guy gently and seductively pulled my trousers down and then my pants and massaged my aching buttocks with his hand whilst I was in heaven. He put it in my bum and it really hurt, I mean, it wasn’t unbearable but it was uncomfortable but quite soon his tool was empty and he withdrew and rubbed vigorously on my aching lower end.

“I hope that didn’t hurt too much” he said

“No, it’s OK, I am used to injections and the last one there was way worse than that, you did really well” I said.

OK, this was not an erotic fantasy but a brief summary of my trip to rheumatology earlier. After quite a long and painful examination they decided to give me a steroid injection to reduce the swelling in my legs but that will only last from between 6 – 8 weeks when I have to go back again, well, OK, I go back in 3 months the week after I get home from Gran Canaria.

They tell me there is a chance that the symptoms may go before the next appointment in which case I can relax and get on with life but more likely they said was that I will be as bad as ever within 2 months when they will put me on a new medication. The problem is, the new medication is probably going to reduce yet further my immune system opening me up to even more virus infections and as these infections seem to make my joints worse and me otherwise not very well, it’s a difficult decision to make. On the one hand, I don’t want to be in a wheelchair but, on the other, I don’t want to be deaded by the flu!

I decided earlier not to go to Manchester after all tomorrow, there was someone going that pissed me off earlier and I really can’t be arsed so I am just going to spend the weekend with Stan and Pete.

Matt has the ump because he somehow thought I said it was OK for him to go out whenever he likes over the weekend and leave the girls indoors whereas I am quite sure I said that it’s OK to do that Sunday whilst he is at work and didn’t say anything about the Saturday. He called his mum to ask if the girls could go there but apparently she has decided now that once a fortnight is more than enough to see her kids so she’s ‘busy’ this weekend.

I was pleased to hear that Robin passed his course with flying colours, not that I doubted he would but I know he was panicking about it.

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