Stuck indoors again

I am sat here waiting for UPS to turn up and collect my Ipaq, I may even get it repaired at some point, who knows? Actually, I have enclosed a letter explaining I want it replaced and not repaired, what’s the betting they’ll ignore it.

Daisy dropped my laptop and has killed it. I was not happy with the laptop spec as it was but could not justify replacing it. I do need one though else I’d go mad so I went out and bought myself a new one with a Pentium M 760 2Ghz chip and 2 gig of RAM too. I reckon this one will keep me going for a while. Sure I was angry with Daisy but there is really very little I can do about it. I was also angry with Matt as he had a role to play in it too and it was really more luck than anything that it didn’t get busted after he used it as it was always left on the floor in the lounge afterwards.

I have put aside any thought of going to Florida this year. I hope to get a costing from Robin at some point of what they would charge me for the house but I won’t be making any decisions until I know what money I have and I won’t know that until something like late August or September.

Someone on Kagoul has been spreading shit about me which is starting to reach the boards and I am not at all happy about it not least because there is totally no truth in it and even the retraction implied there is no smoke without fire. If that place does not improve and the clique there does not get a slap, I can’t see myself hanging around much.

Time to call Robin I think … Just lately, each time I have gone to call he has beat me too it!

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