Decisions decisions

I am feeling a lot better than I have been, nearly back to normal now.

Something has been playing on my mind for a few weeks and that is the car I have. It’s lovely to look at, fun to drive and in amazing condition. Sadly though, I am not in amazing condition and I am finding it difficult to use the manual gear change in traffic. My gut reaction last year was to make sure I get an automatic and I should have stuck to that. It’s been a difficult decision but the reality is, my little Neon has to go. Added to the discomfort of driving it is the fact that it drinks fuel way too much and it needs a service every 6 months or 6000 miles which is way too soon, it just costs too much to run.

I am also seriously questioning my decision to go with Demon; I guess I do still have the option to cancel. The thing is, I can go back with NTL and it will be a lot cheaper, it would also give me a good TV signal upstairs where currently I will be struggling with the freeview. Also, with Demon I am paying for a 2mb service whereas they won’t guarantee I will get that or anything like it. With NTL they supply what they say they will because they can do that via the cable. My current package which doesn’t include any TV for upstairs costs me £81.00 whereas NTL can do it, a guaranteed 2mb connection and another box upstairs for £74.49. Without the box upstairs that is £60 a month so a huge saving. That also includes a better telephone service than I currently have as well with more extras included in the price. The BT gimmicks of best friend etc barely save me anything rarely is that saving more than £1-2 a month. I guess this would also free up the Sky box for somewhere as well, not the full package but I could opt for freesky for a one off payment which is basically freeview via satellite. The bugger is that I will need a new Router as my current one is a modem too.

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