Chalfont NSE

I am really very tired so just rattling this off before I go to bed.

Earlier on today I went to Chalfont St Peter to visit Jermaine and also take the rest of his things down to him. The plan was also to have a meeting, a review for him at 3pm.

To radically abbreviate, when I arrived they seemed to be cocking his insulin regime up, it’s not so much insulin management as crisis management. Moving him from a hypo to a hyper and then having to rectify it and they are doing this by altering meal times and giving snacks without also including an insulin dose. In short, cocking up!

As a sub note, some of the Polish carers in there are just sexy as hell

During the meeting later on in the day it was obvious that big fat Sonia was just avoiding answering questions over and over and not only me but also Lucy from the PCT and Steve, the social worker, were getting sick of it.

One thing I got really annoyed about was how they spent £80 of Jermaine’s pocket money on new clothes when I had loads here they could have had for the asking but they didn’t. I even had to ask for receipts as they were not freely offered and it was not just the once that I asked, just not good enough.

All three of us there agreed that Jermaine could not stop there indefinitely. I suggested that we allow a 6 month assessment period and during that time work at finding alternate accommodation closer to home, Steve & Lucy agreed … I also pointed out that this was bound to be cheaper as well.

I was pleased to hear, or rather, not hear the loud music in Jermaine’s wing!

Again they harped on about security yet several large windows were left open and unguarded. Not everyone would consider walking in through a door as the only option and once in the building it is painfully easy to get out again through any un-alarmed door.

On the plus side, the journey there and back was enjoyable even if I had no idea where I was going. I just told the satnav to find me a route without using the motorways and that it did. Coming back was quite amazing … many of the roads seemed barely more than farm tracks!

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