A Change is as good as a rest

The level of debt I am currently in is scary. I hate debt and yet I seem to have so much of it and one crap decision from a faceless bureaucrat could bring it all tumbling down on me.

Thankfully, more than two thirds of it is money owed to me so I don’t have to find it myself, that is £1900+. Of course, that may be owed to me but those that owe it will need time to repay it and in the meantime, for the first time in ages, I am going to have to pick up some hefty interest charges on my credit card bill. One of the most upsetting aspects is that all my reserve money has gone. If someone I know needs anything I don’t have it to give anymore.

My weight has remained constant but my belly seems to have grown again so I guess I need to work more on the abs, very annoying is that and, to be honest, I have never had a great body, it always looks like a cut and shunt job to me whereby the legs and the rest of me don’t match and the join is crap too with my arse and legs further back than my top half … I really hate my body.

Driving the huge Citroen van yesterday was quite fun, I have never driven anything so high up before and it was weird looking down on all the other cars. It was just the right size for all the junk we needed to get rid off. Actually, it wouldn’t have been but some neighbours took some of the bulkier items the night before so we had less to transport. The weird part was getting used to having my automatic back again!

I am not sure about this new image I have but will stick with it for now, it certainly seems to get me several glances when walking down the street accompanied by smiles so it probably does work.

Matt has just about finished his room so I am hoping that he and Jonny can get started on my lounge next weekend. I can’t furnish it until next month because of the lead time on the furniture I have ordered but I can get it carpeted, have a TV in there and generally just be ready and waiting for the sofa bed when it arrives.

I am going green with some snazzy touches, a white or cream carpet and light wood units. The sofa is beige but looks more off white to me and is an amazing thing the way it converts to a bed, has to be seen! I wonder who will be the first to use it?

I got a really nice compliment on Kagoul earlier from someone and it made my quite flushed. I don’t get genuine compliments often and it took me back some.

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