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Morgan sie

Das ist 00:35 und ich bin pissen

There is a feeling of day jar view here ( 🙂 ) (yes., I know that is wrong)

A few weeks ago I went to a pub and had a few beers, had a coffee, went to bed and then got up and emptied out. Right now I am at the having a coffee stage.

The topics of convo this evening were … rolls of flab in order to have kids. Wet and dry orgasm’s. How long Stan’s was and, by comaprison, whether James would fit.

The chav that Stan had. We worked out that Stan was the bottom because Stan asked what the chav wanted to do and the Chav answered ‘innit’ which Stan took to mean he was a top, we all make mistakes.

I have a birthday tomorrow, I have one each and every year and tomorrow is that day. This year I shall be 43 and I really don’t think I will be breaking any records for the amount of visitors or gifts I shall get.

I think what we will do is leave here after breakfast tomorrow which could well be the afternoon the way things are going!

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