Birthday update

I got a txt from Matt at something close to 1am saying they were enjoying themselves, no idea when they’d be home and ‘happy birthday’

There was a thread started by Martyn on Kagoul which was really nice to read, that was the second thing I noticed.

I got an MMS from Simon wishing me a happy birthday, again, lovely

Nick called and came over and we watched ‘The Producers’ … I love that film, am buying, enough said.

Robin called, always lovely

Daisy came home with Laura and gave me a card. They asked why I was working on my birthday and I said because no one else is volunteering. I also said that no one else emptied the dishwasher, no one else did the washing up from last night and no one else had done the garden in three weeks.

Total of 9 cards and 2 net cards, that is almost a record.

Gifts are … bottle of champers, 2 DVD’s. vouchers from Disney Store (They are so being spent tomorrow and I know what on too (thank you). A bottle of Calvados (I skipped the glass and it just fell in my mouth) … the usual £20 from Dad. Yep, that’s it but what the hell … the sun is shining.

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