Getting Sorted

Well, I am looking into jobs and my chosen career, in counselling, could be problematic. Not that I am not capable, I am more than able to do the job for the sake of a degree or two. My issue is that there don’t seem to be many employment chances in it. Not a lot of point doing a few years uni and then be out of work for ages or doing a job I could have got without the degree. As for that, it means a degree course to get me on yet another degree course which, I have to say, doesn’t really appeal as it means at least 4 years plus quite some time work experience all for what may amount to no career. So, sad as it is, I think I will need to go down the IT route which I am also capable of and happens to pay as much if not more than the counselling would do.

I could still benefit from going to college and getting some certificates behind me but after that it is just a case of finding a job. Once the kids have all left home I could, in theory, live just about anywhere in the country where there was a job so maybe that is the way to go.

I have been doing some writing again, this time on a project inspired by the 10CC song, ‘I’m not in love’ which I heard on the way to visit Jermaine a few weeks ago.

I know I have been very slow to develop and complete ‘Be careful what you wish for’ but it is a project in hand and I am developing ideas for it all the time.

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