Bloody Council!

I have just found out that the council intends building a huge housing estate on Dallington Grange which, for them what don’t know … is the entire area of greenspace near my house from Kings Heath up to Harlestone Firs! I have needless to say voiced my objections but it won’t change anything, I and those like me will just be seen as NIMBY’s and I guess, to an extent, we are right.

The thing is, one of the joys of living here was that land, the farm and the lovely walk over to the firs and now that’s going … the only relief is that they cannot touch the firs themself. Still, credit to the MP for letting me know about it by 1st class mail!

Had a good day or so … it was an OK drive to Manchester to pick a key up from Pete and the M6 toll really impressed me … blue badge holders use it free you know! The weather got worse the closer I got to Meltham with the final tally at pissing down with rain and just 10 deg C! Had a very enjoyable meal at the pub in the evening, a few drinks and a good nights sleep.

Was somewhat annoyed at the lack of communication whereby Sue would have known I intended to pop in yet didn’t tell me she wouldn’t be there until I called her by which time I was already in Sheffield whereas I could have had a lay in bed after Pete went to work.

In the event I stopped by Bolsover Castle (pronounced ‘Bozer’) which was OK but not too exciting so then went over to Chatsworth House but only to the gardens (£6.60) which I had to admit to being somewhat stunned by, truly amazing.

Popped into Ste’s on the way back in Nottigham and he did a great job on my hair (now that I finally had a look) and then after a short hold up on the M1 made good time home to see Matt’s totally amazing hair style … well done him.

About to get into a bath now, a much needed one

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