That was Pride then

8.20 & the naked frolics are all but over, now there is the drug taking of several overly intoxicated homosexuals. I have had moments of conversation but I am not really in the mood for making small talk and certainly not in the mood for the frolicking! I guess I get turned off by it as there is just no meaning in it for me, doesn’t rock my boat. I did discover something I should have realised years ago. Guys don’t approach me because I am deaf. If they see the aids then they assume I can’t hear and don’t try leaving me feeling like a total loser on the fringes looking on in.

Though it was the obvious choice for me to drive, this doesn’t mean I particularly wanted to. Of course, with the arthritis flare up I have to take mega pain killers so cannot drink, it would have just been selfish to stop the others from drinking. On the other hand, it was OK getting my hands on a Volvo for a while.

Jermaine was quite well earlier back to perhaps close to how he was 18 months ago, managed to get some laughs out of him which was nice.

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