Silly Season

It seems that suddenly I have become popular with the younger set with the latest 2 guys to show an interest in me being 29 & 24, at least one is local and could be fun. But then, I seem to make a habit of ensuring these things don’t happen.

Today is July 10, that means it has been 20 years to the day since my mum died.

I have always found myself feel down ever since and especially this year as the weather is so similar too.

On a note of something that totally pissed me off … I finally sat down to edit the Disneyland Paris video from last year. I reckoned it would take about an hour to finish off after the days I had already spent on it … shit and double shit! I had deleted the file in the last rebuild of the PC, obviously I filed it somewhere obscure that I didn’t think to back up and there it was, gone! So, before I can transfer the Gran Canaria video over I have to start all over again editing the Disneyland Paris one. I am not a happy bunny about that one

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