I guess having a boyfriend occupies the mind …

John and I have been together now for 6 weeks, he’s been living here for most of that time and it works amazingly well. If anything things have gone from very good to far better … I could not have asked for me.

It’s true that he is a little quirky, some of my friends may have trouble adjusting to him, certainly there have been some comments but that’s fine. I’d like my friends to like him too but if they don’t it’s not an issue, it will just mean I see them less of course.

I finally got all my home finances sorted and boy what a relief that is. I so hate having debts and that one went on for way too long. Speaking of debts … my Matt still seems to think that the amount of money he owes me is kind of optional, he’ll repay it when he feels ready and not before. Daisy seems to think that destroying her current mobile phone is a good way to get a new one … it isn’t.

My car has taken a battering and not least from Matt who thought using scourers on it to remove stubborn stains was a good idea. That is a bonnet and both front wings need a respray now which I can’t afford and won’t be able to afford. I have also lost a bit off the front, it just fell off as I was driving along the motorway. That’s a cost of £150+, something else I am not going to do.

We seem to be waiting forever for John’s new birth certificate to arrive which is dead annoying as we can’t get a passport until that gets here. Actually, I am really annoyed about that.

There is loads to arrange regarding where Jermaine is going to go next and I don’t seem to be getting any support from the health authority and I believe my liaison there has just gone on vacation for two weeks as well.

Am tempted to hold a party but not sure if I can be arsed.

One guy called Phil from Milton Keynes was a total arse hole over the punting. He considers that I was out of order thanking people for turning up to the event and letting anyone know how good that made me feel as, in his opinion, such events don’t get arranged they just happen. No one person organises such things he tells me and he is totally sure as several others told him that Tony would not have approved of my actions during or after the event. He went on to say I had no right to speculate as to whether or not I arranged another for next year, this again was irrelevant as such things didn’t need organising and it sure as hell was not my event (apparently)

I guess out of over 60 that turned up, one miserable little shit is bound to be there. If he has some cowardly little shits that were also there that made him their spokesman well more fool them!

Punting is one of those events that does have a momentum all its own but, that said, it still won’t happen unless someone makes it happen and I am still really pleased that so many turned up last month and even more so that they appeared to have such a great time.

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