Nearly October already my life

Now, how regular am I?

No, not how often do I shit but how lax have I become at writing this?

Yep, I am baaaaad, very Bad!

Okies, some updates:

Still with John, that’s 11 weeks today so not bad and everything is rosy … like you could not tell from how rarely I write these days.

Matt has finally got a job working for Tesco but boy he took it to the wire getting himself within days of being kicked out and I would have done it too. He still hangs out with kiddies, his girlfriend is a child at 14 I think it is or it could be 15 by now and most of his other friends are 16 or under. That worries me as he is preventing himself from moving on and getting a real life, instead he has his focus in life the xbox and not a lot above the level of school yard chatter.

He starts his HND course today … started it would be a better way of putting it I guess and hopefully he will stick with it and maybe remember to turn up for any exams there may be but this is Matt we are talking about. As far as I can see he has no way of paying for any food so all he has eaten today is breakfast unless he’s back to his old tricks of scrounging off his mates. By rights he should be figuring lunch into his weekly spend along with a bus ticket. He is currently riding a bike with a busted front wheel that apparently happened when the root of a tree jumped out in front of his bike!

Daisy, lovely as she is, is still being a little cow. She does the most stupid of things. Apart from doing so well at school I get teachers calling me to tell me she also goes the other extreme and doesn’t bring kit to school for PE so has detention all too often. She has tried to get away with putting a huge earring in her ear up to 6mm and the latest is burning her arm with a lighter because she thought it’d giver her a smiley whereas what it has actually got her is a trip to the doctor tomorrow and probably the hospital after that.

Sod all to report about Zoey, she’s just Zoey.

Jermaine is doing OK I guess but I am not overly happy about stuff where he is and may have to come down on them legal if they don’t buck up. Getting him back in town is proving difficult and there is one delay after another with meetings and forms and peeps on annual leave, it’s all taking way too long and now won’t be until well into next year.

I am going to have my throat operated on Thursday; it’ll be a relief to finally get shot of that lump … all assuming they do it as I have this nasty suspicion that they won’t. They have only sped it up as I wrote a letter of complaint to them but the unwarranted delay.

I have been really sad to hear that Jason up in Hull was involved in a nasty incident of some kind at his home a week or so ago and is seriously ill though recovering with family right now, poor guy … and bastard who ever it was that did it.

I guess that’s about it for now … so, until the next time … bye bye 

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