Spur of the Moment

Whilst considering whether or not I wanted to sue the hospital or not I had a brainwave … sod it all and sod off for a week!

So, with out undue haste I paid a visit to the Respect website to see what was available as I really quite fancied a week in Gran Canaria but, alas, the prices were silly. Out of curiosity I looked at Ibiza, I had not been for a dozen years so wondered what it may have to offer. I was amazed to see a price of £115 each all inclusive of flights as well. Well, there are some offers that just cannot be refused and that was one of them so I paid on the Monday and we flew out on the Sunday with Robin giving us a lift to Gatwick.

Flights all swift and efficient with the exception of the landing which was anything but … no, I sit corrected; it was swift, way too swift! We hit the ground hard; the air brakes went on full blast followed a short while later by the wheel brakes, some significant screeching from the rubber on tarmac and a turn off at the last accent probably on two wheels.

It was John’s first flight but thankfully he was not put off at all but that was probably due to the overall excitement of being in another country.

It was certainly warm when we arrived but not as much as I’d expected something later became apparent. It was because the airport there has sea on two sides and a mean cross wind running the tarmac which cools things down.

Once away from the open space the temperature quickly raised to 27°C and we were on holiday!

I was expecting around £4 taxi fare from the airport to the accommodation so was a little shocked to have to hand over €20 inclusive of tip which is around £14

Not to worry, it’s only money … more of concern was that the roads to the resort were awful, it gave the impression the whole island had become a building site and roadwork’s (which it hadn’t but I was expecting something to go wrong).

The apartment (The Cenit Apartments in Figueretas were much better than I’d expected considering the price. We were allocated a two bedroom top floor and it was probably the largest apartment I’d yet stayed in anywhere with excellent views across the coast, over the pool and as far as the airport.

With such wonderful views comes a price, steps and lots of them!

Our first pleasure was to wander along the beach which, at this resort was way to busy on the seaweed front. No matter, we were not planning on swimming anyway not helped by the view of a pretty little pink jellyfish bobbing about … oh how lovely, a gay jellyfish!

In this picture you can see our apartment block
on the hill just to the right of the first palm tree and the old town of Eivissa (Ibiza in island speak) is just above our heads.

I could go on forever about how quiet it was, but then, it was October, the Eastbourne wrinklies were in town and for that sort of price, who would blame them!

We rented a car, we did the island … San Antonio minus the lager louts, the north of the island, the south, the airport region and the gay beach which we never quite reached as it already looked crap before we left the carpark and the smell was not inspiring us to go further … why anyone would bother is beyond me when a shag is so easy to come by in the gay area of Ibiza town which is also a lot easier to get to!

We had a great time, life is good.

Tomorrow I am off to the hospital to see my ENT man, the one who seems incapable of reading notes. That should be interesting! Next week I think he plans to try again and hopefully with a little more effort.

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