So, this is 2007 … Hmmm, not noticing anything obviously better

Christmas was cool and I don’t mean the weather but in a good way rather than a cool atmosphere so I guess that was good … what I got was good, what I have given was better.

A couple of days before New Years Eve Matt has Jonny over and the pair of them got very drunk. I mean, not just merry but way past that. Jonny did the sensible thing and passed out but Matt pushed the issue really upsetting Daisy and being totally abusive to me. I told him that if this is how well he controls his alcohol intake there is no way he’s having friends over for NYE.

That led to another argument with him telling me to butt out as it had nothing to do with me and how I wasn’t meant to be here anyway what with it being his party. He went on to say how stupid I was being, how much of an arsehole I am and eventually stormed out the house.

Anyway, with his promises of good behaviour and being in control I let him have his party. By midnight he was just about already gone. There were kids playing on the xbox and taking control of the music (loud music) which was generally crap stuff. Kids were puking and he wasn’t around to sort them out. Chavs were trying to fight their way in and only a lucky fluke stopped them along with some threatening poses from a couple of the guests here. In short, Matt was a disgrace and continued by puking in the garden, collapsing on the landing floor upstairs, telling a few of us trying to help him to ‘fuck off’ and then carrying on drinking near on all night, playing his guitar just before 5am and eventually stopping drinking and going to bed some time on the afternoon of the 1st. I was not a happy bunny and he has ruined his chances of having any further party here.

Our final remaining DVD player died on 1st too so I just thought … what the fuck and bought some new ones in the hope we may have some better luck with them … it’s not like I can really afford them but I am of a mind now where I just don’t give a shit anymore.

I wanna try and have some quality time with John over the next few days, it just always seems to be about the kids and it isn’t good for either of us so when they go back to school on Thursday, we can relax and enjoy each others company some more than we have been … except that Matt won’t be back at college and is bound to do or say something to piss me off and ruin the moment.

I love that boy to bits but he’s just being such a pain right now and I suspect not least because he’s screwing up big time at Uni and has not yet got around to accepting responsibility for it and is, instead, preferring to settle his brow firmly in the sand.

Robin is out of the nut house at last … just as long as he’s well behaved and keeps eating three meals a day that is.

Oh, I feel like shit by the way … and speaking of which, I am sick of bleeding so easily every time I go, it’s really getting me down now and though I am sure it’s no more serious that a regular nose bleed, it’s all the same, really annoying and not to forget, sore!

Robin took me and John out earlier to the carvery and we ate way too much. This is part of the reason for me feeling so shit right now as well. Bloated tummy and the need to empty out now and then which means even more pain.

I’ve been achy too so am up right now waiting for the meds to kick in good and proper. I am really tired but couldn’t settle, that and I also need to have the room cooler so am waiting for the air to circulate.

This blog is boring the pants off me now so I’m gonna stop.

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