Am I ‘eck as like

Nervous that is!

Just relaxed and looking forward to fun day tomorrow seeing David & Greg in Clapham and then on to Horley for the hotel break, a good night’s sleep then off to Gran Canaria Monday morning.

Daisy has been arguing that she wants to wear trainers for school and apparently her year head said it was OK. I read school policy and it clearly states ‘no trainers’ so let us not go down that route! I also got a letter from her school today regarding her attendance and it’s not good, 87% of the year she’s been there and the rest is unaccounted for. Of course, without telling me what dates she is meant not to have been there I cannot challenge the validity of the claim by pointing out some were approved dentist or doctor appointments which have all been made to cause as little disruption as possible. I am seriously considering moving her to another school anyway as I feel her social network and need to perform for those mates is holding her back.

Deej is being extra clingy, I think he’s scared I am not going to come back or that I shall dump him when I do, that’s just plain silly.

This is going to be my way of getting info back whilst I am away so if you want to know, look back. I shall not be answering any text messages or phone calls.

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