The Weekend

Didn’t get up today until after 12, had a really enjoyable lay in.

Sun is hot, well, it always is of course but I meant, more specifically, it feels hot here. No clouds anywhere.

Went for a walk across the dunes earlier, it’s great at keeping me fit, well, I tell myself this when my joints are killing me and I just want to sit down!

Had my first sangria last night, probably my last too. It was nice but more than one and I could wake with such a headache and so far, I have avoided that.

Been talking loads to the guys around me, it’s good to be able to chat to different people

Only one person has been in the pool as the water is freezing, the jacuzzi is warm but apparently getting out is not so nice.

Have read all my book by Nigel Hawthorne and it was excellent, probably the best I have read and so poignant too. Some very familiar moments in there about his sexuality and his feelings about it and how incomplete he felt without a partner thankfully finding a lovely one to spend the remainder of his life with.

Have to go now, I have a drink with my name on it back on my patio


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