There’s Snow Business like …

Yep, the first snows of 2007 arrived yesterday and I can’t even say I gave it my normal ‘wow’. For some reason I decided it wasn’t going to last and so could already see the mush before it started and that’s how it is now. It’s the usual story of something which used to be fun in my younger days now not being so and it’s mainly to do with the chavs around here. Going out yesterday was target practise for them, fortunately they are terrible at throwing and missed me but it’s just something I can’t think of any of the kids doing when I was their age, throwing snow balls at adults we didn’t know just wasn’t on but then, that was back in the days when a threat to tell our parents amounted to something. As usual the area outside is a mess with pieces of wood and crates all over the place where they have been used as sleds. Kids thought it a great idea yesterday to barricade the road further up making drivers turn around and go all the way round because the snow balls they’d placed there were too big to move and the chavs would have been taking the piss out of whoever tried to do so. Thankfully there were no emergencies as it’d be a disaster had an ambulance or fire engine needed to get up there. These are not even little chavs that did this, they are 15+. They should know better but they don’t hence why they are chavs I guess. The ones throwing the snowballs were probably no more than 12 or 13 and they really do consider us fair game. I don’t know if it is because we are gay or just that for reasons only they know, they don’t like us but much of yesterday we were getting snowballs hurled at the house. No damage, it was just annoying.

Matt has gone out again. He’s off to see Kerry because all the schools are closed. He asked her to come here but she said no, she wanted to go shopping so guess where they have gone today. I tried to talk to him explaining that she appears to be taking the piss and that this relationship of theirs is all one sided but he can’t see it, they are in love of course. He suggested a while back that things would be so much better if she were to come round here more often and be part of the family. As it is, I don’t really know the girl, barely met her at all and all my experiences of her with the very odd exception from what I have been told have been negative. Needless to say, she doesn’t come around here, it’s just not entertaining enough and Matt was using loads of excuses before he told what was actually happening today. It’s like he knows she is taking the piss and just wants to cover for her all the time, ultimate protection. He is not telling lies as such but more being very economical with the truth. He accused me of being stressed out, I wasn’t, I was very calm just feeling sorry for him really because he just doesn’t see how others see his relationship, he never does, he gets blinded by love every time. I’d respect him a lot more if he acknowledged the facts, stopped protecting the situation and then said he doesn’t give a fuck, he’s doing it all anyway because what he gets out of it is more than what he puts in. That’s what I’d wished I’d done when I first introduced Kris to the family. I knew she was not perfect yet I expected everyone else just to see her as such and respect my decision. I had not yet realised that people will see other people as they are. Asking them to ignore their own feelings for what could be a very long time is not an option. I needed to acknowledge then that she was not liked and made an effort to change her to fit in or avoid the people she pissed off. Matt can’t say he’s doing that yet because I have not had a chance to get to know her one way or another to get to like her. Still, what do I know eh?

I do know that the same situation exists now with John as it did with Kris. He’s very immature, totally uneducated and people that I know are bound to be finding that challenging. No one has said anything of course, families say something, friends just stop handing out the invites. But I do have to appreciate that others are going to find him challenging, I do at times so they must do! Whilst this is a fact I also know he has some qualities that I greatly admire. He is incredibly loving and understanding. He is excellent with the younger kids, I think he pisses Matt off. His heart is in the right place and he is good for me which just makes it all the harder if I think my friends don’t approve but I can’t moan about that, it’s their choice and I know that if they had partners I didn’t understand or get along with, I would take a step back as well.

One thing which has to change is my lifestyle because I am making myself really unhappy. I am staying up really late because it’s what John likes to do. Most times it is way past 2 in the morning and often 3 and then whilst he is still relaxing in bed until 11 I am up dealing with stuff by 7 or 8. By the time he gets up I am already knackered and that’s when he wants to go out somewhere. He is really attentive during the day and it’s borderline ‘clingy’ and I am not getting ‘me time’. This is not helped this week by Daisy being off for most of the time with a cold and the schools being closed these two days with the effects of the weather. When John is not asking for a hug I am being asked for something by the girls and Matt comes and goes as he pleases so it feels like my mind is constantly busy. Each time I sit down to do something I have to get side tracked onto something else. Thankfully I can multi-task and have been typing this whilst talking to John at the same time … I am expecting the phone to ring any time now because that’s what happens … it feels like I am in some weird experiment to see how much input the brain can take before it blows up! 🙂

Daisy has decided that seeing as she has a cold she doesn’t have to do any chores so it’s been really difficult to get anything done.

Zoey is back to her old tricks of using mega amounts of toilet roll and blocking the toilet. She also uses mega amounts of liquid soap on her many visits to the bathroom, a place I reckon she considers to be her own personal playground. As if this was not bad enough she goes through feminine hygiene products like they cost nothing. I bought her a dozen night time towels just three days ago and she has used them all already. She does, in fact, use towels every single day regardless of whether she is having a period or not, I believe this is a trick her mother taught her. The only difference here is that her mother has had so many kids she now pisses herself when she coughs or sneezes hence the need for the towel, this and she doesn’t actually pay for the kids to have these products so she can encourage as much use as she wants.

Thankfully, tomorrow we are off to Birmingham for the weekend. There are some things planned but no real pressure to do any of them, we can just suit ourselves or stay in the hotel room if we please.

There are a few things to look forward to at the moment. There is this weekend but also we are staying in Bristol for two nights at the end of the month. Next month we have a weekend with Pete and Stan, probably the first and last together (see above) and then, at the end of the month Robin is planning an overnight trip to France which should be cool.

The money right now is dire. I am in the black but it’s very fragile. To avoid having to borrow on my credit card in July I will have to save something like £90 each week for the next 5 months. That doesn’t allow any room for unexpected bills. I really can’t see it happening but was hoping that this year I could go into Christmas and 2008 in credit for a change instead of playing catch up with the money. Prices have just gone up so much it seems impossible to manage like I used to be able to. In theory this should be a piece of piss as I actually have around £250 unallocated income each week. That I am going to find £90 a week a struggles says a lot about my level of overspend. True, it doesn’t help when I am owed the best part of £2000 for which I go into debt for and then immediately spend that and then some on a holiday. The fact is, it has been so long since I have been in credit and not owed money that I simply don’t believe I am capable of saving any more and if I am not then this holiday to Gran Canaria is going to be a very expensive example of that … maybe I shall finally learn my lesson and live within my means?

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