Summer? Surely not

Hasn’t the weather been just great? (It’ll be snowing next week)

Since Matt moved back in he has been really nice to be around, really making an effort. Daisy is sort of making an effort but I am not really convinced.

The collection of the Sebring has been delayed because the garage has some difficulties but should happen this coming Thursday.

Meetings, email and phone calls still happening regarding Jermaine and his move (or not). It has been looking hopeful of late but nothing is ever certain until it happens in this game.

A lovely 24 hours or so in France yesterday. My French held up well on the food but apparently I could not make myself clear enough on the difference between Rosé and Red with wine and that of brown and blonde with the beer and I thought those were things I said rather clearly.

It was ever so good that Robin allowed himself to be told what to do rather than trying to be all independent for the day, that wouldn’t have worked at all as it would have been real frustrating to have been watching him struggle all day when there was simply no need. Have to say, the Etap hotels are excellent value for money. They are basic but they have what is needed for an overnight stay.

The Citroen is now up for sale. John and I spend a few hours today getting it clean so hopefully the calls will flood in and we can get it shifted sooner rather than later. My bank account is groaning under the strain so it would be nice to get a deposit in there ready for the next big bill.

Oh my, look at my hands, I look all butch and manly … that will never do so I sense a bath coming on!

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