Onwards and sideways

Been moderately eventful today except for a lot of not really happening stuff such as the zero calls for the car.

Both John and Matt have been job hunting today. Matt needs to bump up his hours to full time whilst John needs to bump up his ours to ‘at all’. As Mr Sod would have it, they have both been called in for interview by BHS for the same job. Well, not exactly the same job but more a case of two part time jobs. One will suit Matt and allow him to do a morning for BHS and then Tesco in the evening. The other will be later in the day and better for John but ideally, Matt would have preferred both part time jobs to run together so he could ditch Tesco. As it is quite possible neither of them will get the job this is probably a non starter but one thing crossed my mind. If they give the job to Matt with zero retail qualifications and not to John with an NVQ level 2 in retail … do we sue for breach of disability discrimination laws? An interesting question but not one I shall lose any sleep over!

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