Getting to that point?

Not sure, it’s sure getting close.

When Jermaine went away I was convinced we could all get along with our lives and things would greatly improve, we’d all be so much more relaxed. What I didn’t account for was how stupid Matt would get.

Because of a small child he gave up University and any chance of a prosperous future in favour of under age sex and pushing trolley’s at Tesco.

I have tolerated this relationship hoping that one or both of them may at some point grow up enough to see sense and the past few days I thought they may have got there. She was wanting the level of freedom he wouldn’t allow and he was finding the way she was behaving unacceptable. He said how things were just not working, how he couldn’t trust her because she was to heavily and easily in contact with other guys. All this has now changed apparently in the last 24 hours. Again they are desperately in love, the man and the child and she’s promised she wants no one but him and he’s prepared to throw away what ever he has to so he can be with her. I am convinced that one of his two jobs (both of which he has to keep) will be thrown away rather than not see her. He will not consider for one moment the consequences of that either.

He’s been uncontrollable on booze to the point he has caused a fair amount of damage in the house and become a laughing stock amongst some of his ‘friends’ who now see him as the guy that can’t stay sober long enough to see the end of his own party.

He has no control at all over his spending and again I have found myself subsidising him to the tune of £300. He is still using his phone like the credit never runs out. Last month he ran a bill of way over £70. It’s like he cares about nothing but his own happiness and will keep hitting that self destruct button over and over as long as he gets his own way.

He wants to smoke, he wants to get pissed, he wants to spend money he doesn’t have and he wants to treat me like shit. I don’t even get acknowledged when I pick him up. He’s on his phone either sending texts of speaking to someone. He’ll walk away from the car when we pull up outside after a conversational void of a journey and just walk away without so much of an acknowledgement that I have done anything for him. Tonight he got in the car, didn’t even look at me and carried on talking on his phone. Some time into the journey he stopped talking (though not texting) and asked if I was OK and I said how unhappy I was with him not appreciating that I’d driven all the way there at my own cost to do him a favour and he’d not even acknowledged me. He replied, fine, he’ll find his own way home in future. So, it’s not a problem he has with rudeness, it is all my unreasonable over-sensitivity.

In short, I really don’t like him right now. He is one of the most rude and arrogant people I know at the moment and were he anyone but my son I’d want nothing to do with him. He’s lost all my respect.

Right now, I think I shall go check out the latest damage he has done to his bedroom door.

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