Eurovision … I have gone bonkers!

After way over a decade of not watching (except for a brief moment in 2000 which doesn’t count cos it was on in the pub) I am going to sit down tonight with friends and watch Eurovision 2007. I promise not to get angry about the political voting or to laugh at the crapness of the acts, I shall be good and use this as a healthy distraction from the real world!

Matt has again decided not to date Kerry. He says he’d quite like for a while not to be dating anyone … I give it two weeks.

The car now has 5 people watching … please can they all start bidding now so I can at least feel there is a chance of selling the car. What worries me is that were it me I’d be asking to look at the car myself rather than thinking on paying over £4000 for a car I have not seen. As none of these 5 have contacted me I have to conclude that either they really do like leaving these things to the last minute or that they are not serious bidders, maybe just others trying to sell a C5 and wondering what they go for these days!

Robin is having a lovely time in London though I have totally forgotten again which show he is seeing tonight … this is annoying because when he told me I did know the show … hey, wait … yes, it’s that one, erm … On the Town maybe? Yep, just checked and it is and it was a good movie so hopefully a good show as well.

We are looking forward to our own London trip the week after next. We had planned to go to a Kagoul event but as it is being run by member littleangel and he’s a little twat with no brain who loves himself more than any one else possibly could and is only doing it for attention and his own select guest list … well, we are not going to that, have better things to do. Hopefully Robin will take us down there as also ‘hopefully’, we won’t have a car by then.

Bought myself some new clothes yesterday. I have now finally got myself a larger sized assembly of things to wear as I really can’t see myself realistically losing weight any time soon.

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