The car did not sell. The highest bidder was around £3500 but that’s not enough. One other guy who had been watching sent an email and he’s looking at a figure of around £3400. I am just not selling it that low, it’s the price for the car in terrible condition and I know I’d be selling myself short and resent it. When everyone who gets into the car loves it there has to be something good about it.

There is something else in the pipeline, I am not sure if it will come off or not but it would be really cool if it did.

What I have decided to do for now is to just not think about selling it again for at least another week, try and enjoy driving again and fill up the tank!

Someone made me really happy earlier just by thinking about me, someone who is thinking about me just because he wanted to and it makes life worthwhile when that happens.

I know others care too, Robin, Nick David, etc but occasionally a message of ‘I thought of you today’ from just about anyone is just so welcome. We don’t do enough of that I think, we just don’t call or write for no reason at all, with no ulterior motive and say hi, I thought of you today.

It’s going to take a fair bit to get me looking forward to anything though, this time of year is not good for me what with my birthday coming up on June 4th and I always hate my birthday just because I have had so many shit ones. Being broke right now is not helping of course.

I just keep telling myself, it will all work out OK and this time next year I shall be driving around with the roof down on my car and all this will be forgotten.

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