Oh dear

The good news is that it could possibly be Jermaine will be moved into his lovely new flat within 6 weeks.

Matt is another story. His apology earlier was rather pathetic. He’s still not really said sorry to either Daisy or Deej and, indeed, seems to think saying sorry to anyone is more important than being with his mates.

He has a set of rules now, in writing and he’s been told that if he deviates from it just once he best have somewhere else to live.

We shall see. I don’t hold out much hope but there is still a little inside of me, I need to believe there is good in him … for now.

Car – still not sold

Looked at Nick’s new place the other day. It’s small but not so much as I feared it may be and could be made to look real nice with a little effort and thought. I know how I’d do it but it’s up to Nick how he does it and I am looking forward to seeing the end result.

Loads of work still to do at Robin’s of course but at least he is up and running again on the PC.

I am sick of being tired

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