Birthday taster

Had a lovely day yesterday (Saturday) with Nick and Robin combining to take me to Milton Keynes. Nick bought dinner at Nando’s and also tickets to see Acorn Antiques which was excellent entertainment. The only annoyances of the day were the guy behind me who sneezed over my back and the people further down our row who thought arriving moments before curtain up at the start and after the interval was a polite thing to do meaning we and some others who got there in good time had to wait around for them then stand for their arrival.

Today is birthday eve and it is probably one of my most disliked days of the year as it is generally when I start to see things falling apart. This year is no exception.

It took loads of effort to get Daisy motivated to do dinner as she’d promised to do. Matt had to be reminded to clear the garden after his fun of yesterday and someone made a mess of the clean carpet in the lounge which I had to clear a short while ago.

Robin is having trouble with his car. What this means is that I am now expected to do the driving tomorrow when we go to the restaurant for dinner when I had been hoping to have a beer with my meal. Robin also said today that the chosen eatery looked like it had closed. What this means for me is that on my birthday I will need to drive, I will need to not have things as I’d have liked them and could be wandering around for quite some time trying to find somewhere open that has a table. The more I think about the compromises I’d be expected to make the more it just feels that, as usual, this is more about what others want and little to do with me. I really seriously think I don’t want to go anywhere now. I’d rather just stay at home and do my own thing, go to bed or whatever as I spend most my life compromising my life for others and this one day I don’t want to do that, I have the right to be selfish one day a year and unashamedly so.

The car is up to £2000 with 13 bids and 27 people watching it. As usual and, unsurprising for this point in the auction, it’s got a long way to go to reach the reserve of £3400. I should not let it go for that but it’s the bare minimum I can get away with and still be able to keep the Sebring. It does still mean having a crap holiday though. It also means that some things I wanted to get sorted on the Sebring won’t get sorted until after the holiday.

What amazes me is that were I buying a car I’d be reading that advert all the way through from top to bottom to make sure I didn’t make an idiot of myself. Even though I have published on the ad that the reserve is £3400, people are still bidding well below that figure clearly not realising that are currently battling the reserve price and not other bidders. One bidder, one of the more prolific, has a zero rating so I’d not sell it him anyway (or her) but as they are currently help increase the sale price I shall continue to allow them to bid. There is a car which has done 18,000 miles more than mine currently sitting at £2600.00 for heaven sake. It’s the slightly higher spec SE model but it’s green, who in their right mind would buy green these days and especially the emerald green, it just looks so dated. Fortunately that ends 16 hours before mine and is the closest competition which increases the chances of me selling. I still suspect I’ll be sitting here on Weds writing a blog saying how it didn’t sell.

The background image for this changed again because it balled up on some resolutions apparently, I hope this version is better as html and me are not perfect partners.

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