I have been editing some websites today as they were looking a little tired. I got to reading some of my writings and they are really not that bad. If you have not yet seen some of the stuff that whirls around my brain, go take a look at this and let me know what you think.

I am still awaiting the illusive day with not much to do. Today was going to be one like there whereby we just wandered down town, chilled out a little then came home and flopped. Never happened that way as I spent a couple of hours on the phone and writing email and about Jermaine’s impending move and getting things sorted in writing before it all happens.

Still no sign of the V5 as yet but, no matter, I don’t have any date for the car either. I did manage to save myself some cash on the motor insurance though and get a better deal on breakdown cover. I joined an American car owners club in the UK for £30 and that saved me £60 on the insurance which more than covered the cost of the membership plus the saving on top. The breakdown cover will be £45 which is less than half what I currently had for a far more comprehensive service across Europe. In all, I have struck a deal that it is now cheaper to motor in the Sebring than it was in the C5!

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