Well, it was Kerry which didn’t lead to Zispy (sadly) then rapidly on to Tracy who exited for Becky who, as last I heard, was superseded by Ann. Ann is the result of a bed with, I think, Lucy that both he and she could get a significant other whilst getting drunk on rum … not my idea of a romantic first date but hey, I am old and I know nothing of modern courtship.

Money is clearly dripping through certain fingers leaving an already zero balance somewhat less than zero with no hope of recovery.

A passport is something, apparently, to prove responsibility with. If it can be carried all over the place within a bag at day and night and kept safe then one is responsible. If it should go missing then failure is declared. Of course, this boring old fart would say that proof of responsibility would be to keep a passport in a safe but again, I am old and what do I know of such things?

The Sebring, I am told, is still awaiting a part from the US which was promised for one week ago but now no one seems to have any idea where it may be. We can but wait but time is frankly running out for us. We have just 3 weeks and 5 days until this car has to be on the road.

Tomorrow our Zoey is 16. I also have an important meeting to iron out some issues with Jermaine’s care home. Some major discrepancies surfaced earlier on today and I am not sure we have time to get them resolved right now.

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