I am not always screaming!

It just seems like it.

Allergies, I hate my allergic rhinitis as it makes many things unpleasant or, more accurately, less pleasant than they should be. Just thought I’d share that and especially to that woman in Tesco who felt like a one woman advertisement for Avon smellies in Tesco the other day.

Matt has seemed moderately more sensible these past few days. It is most unlike him so I am waiting for it all to return to normal (I hope it doesn’t)

is latest girlfriend, Ann, seems really nice and one of the first if not ‘the’ first one he has brought around to spend some time with us and not just locked the door behind them as they go direct from the street door to the bedroom. Kinda, well done there and also for turning a shite situation at work into something that can be worked with … now just don’t screw that up.

Daisy is troubled but not opened up to me about it yet. She is clearly depressed about something.

The move for Jermaine went really well yesterday, couldn’t have been better.

It’s a lovely place, like an upmarket holiday home.

John and I have been together a year today. I really cannot imagine not being with him, it would seem very odd indeed and there are so many different directions this relationship can go. I am looking forward to the future. I know he can be weird, it’s really just his nerves and insecurities, he’ll get over it in time.

My car is still estimated to be ready one day next week … talk about cut it fine.

The holiday is just going to come to us kicking and screaming all the way. After 7 months or trying to get it confirmed what is happening to the car rental it now seems as though it is sorted but the wrong car. I paid for an automatic yet they don’t actually do any even though they confirmed the money for one and still advertise doing one on their website. Respect Holidays are trying to sort it out but I feel now that I am going to end up paying a lot more for a car which is no better than one I could have booked back in January for £100 less. To make matters worse, they charged me £308 for it and are now selling this vehicle that doesn’t exist for £294!

I finally managed to get Zoey’s dentist transferred to Northampton so no more stupid trips to Wellingborough just for 10 minutes.

The care home Jermaine used to go to lost a lot of his stuff but they don’t seem to give a shit about it and I am not amused.

Gotta get up early tomorrow for a plumber who may not turn up until lunch time so not very happy about that.

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