Hot — I´d say!

So far it has been 40+° each day. The hottest temp we recorded today in the car was 45.5°. It´s like facing a load of hairdryers on full blast. Right now it is still well into the 30´s and it is gone 9pm. Our airconditioning unit is not coping. It is still keeping us sub 30° but it just is no where near as cool as it normally is. The wind is really powerful and things are flying around all over the place. I am being lashed by a blind just writing this.

The forest fires are still raging away with two towns now evacuated. Thankfully we are not affected by it at all. Thanks to the way we arranged our days we just skirted around it. Had we decided to do our island tour today then we´d not have been able to as the places closed were vital and on the only practical route back home.

Palmitos Park didn´t have any butterflies which was just really odd.

Deej has pealed quite badly but the rest of us are doing OK. The poor kids can´t sleep very well because of the weather being so hot and both Daisy and Jonny are asleep in our bed right now.

Not heard anything from Matt at all, only what we have read on MySpace.

James is waiting on the PC so gonna sign off … thanks to Martyn for the weather check … I remembered today to check on (if that is right) like I normally do back home so know now we have one more day of this heat before it goes down (yeah, we think it sounds silly too) to 35° on Weds and a more manageable 29° on Thurs.

Love to all … Hi Robin, hope all is well and you are being kept busy … AND YOU ARE EATING.

Hi Nick, hope you enjoyed your London trip.

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