Almost Forgot …

Palmitos Park is totally destroyed along with 65% of the wildlife there. The mountains seem to have cleared finally which I presume means the fire is finished.

Visited Merlin´s last night, this is a restaraunt I have previously raved about. In January it seemed to have let standards slide a little compared to say ´Silos` especially on price. Last night was terrible. It was alive with cockroaches and terribly overpriced. The steak was overcooked and the chicken was certainly not the best cuts. All steak ordered was medium which normally means a little pink, maybe some blood still. Most arrived cooked right through and dry and this cost 17 euros. A much larger and better cooked steak at Silos would have been around 12 euros. We will not be going there again for sure.

Last night was a nightmare in the Yumbo, seemed everyone wanted us to stop for food, some were shouting down from the balconies at us. Overall, with the prices for me x4 all the time, it is proving very costly so now we have to avoid eating expensive or drinking out.

Matt called earlier … it was great to hear his voice. He´s taking an exam tomorrow for a forklift. I hope he passes then can quite his minimum wage job and get something which pays better. It´s not the career path I´d have seen him in but if it is the way he wants to go then that´s cool.

Daisy has been a little madam today insisting it is her holiday so thinking she can opt out of joint tasks such as drink making or washing up so we have had stern words … I so hope this is not a prelude to Matt´s attitude II as I so could do without all that aggro again seeing as it is so stupid because it is simply not the way mature people behave.

We are a little pissed of as they seem to have closed off the grass area in front of our apartment. I am about to go cut it and use the grass anyway as hell. I didn´t pay for poolside so I can carry my sunbed closer to the pool … it´s bad enough we are set back from the pool in number 23 without having to go somewhere else to sunbathe!

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  1. Sounds like you having a good time, mixed with some frustrations of issues that are out of your control i.e. the steak and the prices

    Please bring back some good weather as it's uncertain for how long the UK will have this mild weather (yes l said mild)

    Best wishes to you all

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