Back in the UK

I have been back here for some time now getting used to the boring day to day things. The weather has for the most part been OK though I have missed the air conditioning in the bedroom. It has just started to give us a spell of rain so back to normal there.

The news on the car is same old same old I am afraid. It may be ready in a couple of weeks … but then again, it may not.

Jermaine did his first visit home since moving out in March 2005 and it went well. There was a brief moment where it looked like he may take root upstairs but it was over soon enough and he went home happy.

Matt is a lot better than previously but also still has a long way to go. I think he was hoping that good behaviour would prevent any risk of him moving out, it hasn’t. The truth is that he still has such a strong will that he simply cannot accept rules given by others and least of all me. I am hoping that finally moving into the real unprotected world of self reliance may teach him responsibility but I am not overly optimistic. Time will tell. He still has enormous potential but I fear he is going to go the same way as me, almost there, always on the brink of something but never quite getting there.

Despite me promising myself that I so would not be going back to Gran Canaria it appears I may be doing just that for Pride next year.

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