Whoever Said?

No man is an island … has not seen my laying down in the bath!

An Englishman’s home is his castle … if that is true, why can I not fire arrows at chavs through the windows?

Being a parent is the most rewarding job in the world … whoever said that had a nanny!

What goes around comes around … someone who lived in Milton Keynes clearly. (too much time hanging around roundabouts)

On another note, I clearly think too much when I take a dump!

Yesterday we didn’t get a visit from Jermaine. They called to say that he’d been playing up all day and that, if I didn’t mind, they would really appreciate not having a deadline to try to sort him out. So, not seen him in over a week now so must make an effort this week so not to leave it too late this time.

Later on today the girls are going off to their mother for the first time in years. I fully expect her to make some excuse whereby they cannot go at all or the visit has to be cut short.

This is a weird week in that we don’t really have to go out much, those things that are happening require little effort on our part. The exceptions to that would be getting the girls to their mother today and collecting them on Friday and doing a visit to Jermaine at some point. This evening we plan on visiting Nick.

I shall be sending the vouchers off later to get the Tesco tokens to spend on GC next year. It’ll be costing me £250 in vouchers which contributes £1000 toward the holiday, I still have to pay £36 on top of that because the total is £1036 (obviously). I will pay cash for the car rental which will ensure we don’t have to travel with a coach load of chavs.

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