Bank Holidays

One of the problems with ‘not working’ is that I don’t get anything out of bank holidays. Other people see them as something special, an event to do something but to me, it’s just another weekend with maybe more traffic about. This is one of the things I truly hate about not working, not feeling part of what everyone else is feeling 🙁

Jermaine came over yesterday but he was really tired. He did seem to enjoy himself for the first bit at least and was really happy, full of smiles immediately after he walked in. Once he had eaten though, he is was just really struggling to keep his eyes open. He left around 8pm and Wendy called me soon after they got back to say they had got back OK, Jermaine had slept the whole way and was now fast asleep in bed. I just can’t imagine anyone from his last home bothering to do that!

This weather is really nice and if I had my car I’d most likely be off somewhere really enjoying it but, as it happens, I don’t so I have no plans at all.

Daisy’s boyfriend dumped her. I suspect it had something to do with me writing to him but then, if it did, then clearly my writing had the desired effect to route out the undesirables. Any genuine guy would have stuck with her so he probably was just after a shag.

I joined this ‘facebook’ a couple of days ago. It’s really just like myspace though for slightly older people. I can’t see anything special about it though and I have hardly gained anything from it just the same people I already know that I can talk to any time I want. I guess that’s what the net gets like after a while, a way of not talking directly to any of my friends and that has to be bad. I am often inclined to agree with Martyn in that perhaps not being a member of all these things is better as at least it means we have to make the effort to meet our friends in the real world. (OK, not entirely Martyn’s take on it but then, it is still right!)

Back to bank holidays … as a non worker (in the outside world) it is also true that it simply screws up my internal clock because today just feels like Sunday to me … it also means another day longer I have to wait for my car.

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